Partnership with CoinsBank

In 2019, international charitable public organization UNIHELP became a partner of the largest blockchain conference Coinsbank Blockchain Cruises. The conference will be held from 9 to 13 June 2019. During this event Unihelp together with the organizers of the cruise plan to hold a significant charity campaign.

The major aim of this campaign is to fundraise money for children with complicated diseases. The event will be held on the occasion of the International Children’s Day. Fundraising will be conducted in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH).

Children for whom money will be collected:

Katerina Poletilo

The girl was born in 2002. The absence of an arm was a big shock both for parents and doctors since preliminary examinations and ultrasound did not reveal any problems. Doctors from the Children’s Surgical Center in Minsk could not suggest any help for the girl. Moreover, due to the uneven pressure on her spine, Katya now suffers also from scoliosis. In addition to health problems, the feeling of “being not like the others” is a serious challenge for Katya. Girl’s most cherished dream is such a simple thing like to take a kitten from the ground and stroke it.

Thanks to the bionic prostheses made by the Russian company “Motorika” (a resident of the Skolkovo innovation center), Katya has the opportunity to lead a full life. Such prostheses are as close as possible to the functional body of a healthy person, visually it is almost impossible to distinguish them from a healthy limb.

The cost of the production and installation of a bionic prosthesis – $ 8 000.


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XRP rhvXPd5koNrifWhwhReKJvapd2ihbCewE3 DESTINATION TAG 1449841158

ETH: 0x97a07149a460ae44a51953ed58d6cd81838e88b6

Rodion Mikhaskov

The boy gets high grades at school, is good at swimming and shows success in chess. It seems to be the usual story of an ordinary teenager. But the fact is that Rodion was born without a left hand, which imposes a lot of restrictions on the active life of a guy.

The bionic prosthesis of the Russian company Motorika (resident of the Skolkovo innovation center) will give Rodion an opportunity to manipulate with different kinds of objects. It will be ergonomic and very functional.

The cost of production and installation of a bionic prosthesis for Rodion is $ 8,000.

BTC: 3DhZ9m2zDEQNiGqF3ksCBHz95xnQwKUyL5
LTC 33M2YNZHQkQhqrtXzHbR2tfMwLRNms4kGq
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ETH: 0xff0f831ece3278d054e9582df1792cea001796b2