Our team

International Charity Public Association UNIHELP was registered on the 7th of March 2003. It underwent re-registration in 2012. Our mission is to carry out humanitarian, charitable and social activities to contribute development and to improve the quality of life of children and youth in the Republic of Belarus.

It has been more than 10 years since I started working in charity projects aimed to help children in need. I am sure that in the 21st century children should not be devoid of childhood, they should not starve and live in hunger and poverty. We must provide them with food, clothing and high-quality medical services.
Владислав Иванский
Vladislav Ivansky
Deputy Chairman of the Board
Not all the kids in our world are healthy. To help them to become happy is our super task, but one must strive and believe in this!
Катя Мишка
Ekaterina Medveckaya
Inquiry Specialist
Charity is surely a worthy and honorable activity. And to help ill children is a possibility for each person to give a chance to a child to be healthy and live a full-fledged life.
Наталья Сохоневич
Natalia Sohonevich
Work in charity organization is not an easy thing to do, but very honorable. You understand that this work saves lives of children and gives hope to their parents.
Aleksandra Zhiryakova
Secretary and Translator
I work because I see parents tears of joy of who are grateful to any help. I work because I am happy when I see that children forget about the diseases. In my work there are enough difficulties and unforeseen situations. But, I believe in what I do. And therefore I am here!
Viola Kolesnikova
Communications Specialist
I can not be indifferent. In the world, where so many children need our help and our supporting - not always material - all of us should use any opportunity to make their life better.
Katerina Shuleiko
Marketing Manager
For me it is very important to participate in the organization that develops the principles of mutual aid and humanism in the society, popularizes corporate social responsibility. The chance to be involved in making someone's life better, gives a possibility to fill my own live with a particular meaning and value.