Aleh Famin

29.07.2014, Novopolotsk
All collected money
20 000 EUR
Total collected
20 000 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

ganglial solid tumor (brain stem), secondary obstructive hydrocephaly

Brain tumors are the most common solid tumor of childhood and the No. 1 cause of death among all childhood cancers. The pediatrician is pivotal in both the diagnosis and long-term management of brain tumors. A lack of awareness of the clinical signs and symptoms of brain tumors may delay diagnosis and worsen patient outcomes.

The purpose of the collection

an operation in the clinic in Duisburg, Germany

History of the child

Aleh Famin has a ganglial solid tumor (brain stem) and secondary obstructive hydrocephaly.

Computer tomography confirmed the worst assumptions: the child has a ganglial solid tumor. The boy was rushed to intensive care. And a day later, neurosurgeons performed an operation that was well done. Despite this fact, the tumor couldn’t be completely removed.

However, tumor analysis wasn’t informative for unclear reasons. Because of this, doctors are still unable to make a final diagnosis for the boy.

Aleh didn’t receive treatment for a whole year, which caused the grow of the tumor again.
Now the child needs repeated surgery with clear histological analysis. For this purpose, the family appealed to the German clinic of Duisburg. Doctors agreed to help and promised to take an extensive biopsy. After that specialists will be able to recommend further treatment.

One part of the amount required for the operation was collected by the parents on their own. But the family needs 20 000 EUR …  Parents have already sold their apartment to pay for their son ‘s checkups.

Let ‘s save Aleh’s life together!

Collecting is closed (10.12.2019).