Aleksandr Kaluta

14.09.2012, Baranovichi
шоп калюта
All collected money
2 158 USD
Total collected
2 158 USD

Diagnosis of the child

spastic hemiplegia

Spastic hemiplegia is a form of spastic cerebral palsy in which the limbs of one side of the body are affected. Usually the arm is more affected than the leg. The hemiplegia is often not evident until the child attempts to grasp objects. The unaffected side displays marked handedness, whereas the affected side displays a discernible failure of usage. Although the individual is capable of speech, the child may be developmentally delayed. Intelligence may or may not be affected although there are slight neuropsychological variations depending on whether the lesion is on the left or right side of the brain Rapin.

The purpose of the collection

wheelchair DALMATYCZYK

History of the child

Sasha’s parents were looking forward to the birth of their son. There were no complications during pregnancy and it seemed nothing could go wrong. In 6 months Sasha learned to sit, in 9 months he started walking independently.

However there was a misfortune: Sasha had an extensive hemorrhage. He can’t to sit and to go independently, and also Sasha had lost such basic skill as deduction of the head.

Despite the fact that the family is trying to cope with the misfortune on their own, parents are not able to collect such a sum for the purchase of a wheelchair for Sasha. Money are being spent on the variety of thye rehabilitations.

Now the boy is trying to give a support on his legs, he is also interested in books and likes to play with toys.

“Once we have visited  our friends in Moscow. They have a special wheelchair. In this wheelchair is possible to train skills of sitting, also the chair is used as the verticalizer that allows to master skills of standing. Doctors in Belarus gave some classes to Sasha in a similar wheelchair and it had a positive impact on the development of our son.” – Sasha’s mother shares.

Let’s help the boy to find such vital skills as “to sit” and “to stand” and Sasha will be able to train this skills in the special wheelchair!