Alina Zhiznevskaya

04.06.2012, Minsk
жизн ал шоп
All collected money
1 310 USD
Total collected
1 310 USD

Diagnosis of the child

cerebral palsy

Spastic cerebral palsy.
This is the most common form of cerebral palsy and is characterised by stiffness and contractions (spasticity) of the muscles.

The purpose of the collection

a wheelchair

History of the child

Alina had to be born together with the twin sister, however her sister has died on the 6th month of pregnancy of their mother. And Alina was born very weak, she couldn’t even breathe independently. Alina has a variety of diagnoses, such as heart disease, defect of a brain and many other.

” Our old wheelchair is too small…  and my daughter must move a lot.” – Alina’s mother shares.

Alina needs a wheelchair to be able to visit rehabilitation and hipotherapy centers. Thank you in advance!