Bury Lior

08.08.2012 Minsk
300x300 Lior
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12 186 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

Vertical talus

Vertical talus is a rare deformity of the foot which is diagnosed at the time of birth. Because babies are born with the condition, it is also known as congenital vertical talus. It is one of the causes of a flatfoot in the newborn. One foot, or both feet, may be affected.


The purpose of the collection

Treatment and rehabilitation in the German clinic

History of the child

Lior (6 y.o.) has a vertical talus of both feet. The boy and his mother struggle for an opportunity to move.

Lior knows much sorrows in his life. He had many series of plastering, massage courses, physical therapy. Also Lior had a course of weekly tapings for three years. All this steps were made only for one purpose: to avoid the surgery.

But nowadays there is no way to avoid the operative treatment.

” At this moment all doctors have come to a decision: the operation must be done in the shortest possible time. I ask for help because I can’t cope with this problem by myself.”Lior’s mother shares.

All 6 years the boy had been making incredible efforts just to start walking independently. Operation is a final stage on the way to recovery.  Only together we can help the boy to get on feet and to take first steps!