Chyrkova Ulyana

04.01.2013, Minsk (Belarus)
Чиркова Ульяна
All collected money
15 330 EUR
Total collected
15 330 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

organic lesion of the central nervous system with microcephaly

Organic lesion of the central nervous system is an irreversible damage of the structure or function of the brain or spinal cord that has different signs and symptoms.

The purpose of the collection

examination in the clinic "Teknon" (Barcelona, Spain)

History of the child

Uliana was born almost five years ago. But after the birth the baby didn’t start crying and the doctors immediately began to resuscitate the girl. For three days Uliana was connected to a ventilator. Right at that time seizures started.

“My daughter was immediately sent to the children’s hospital, where she spent 25 days in intensive care unit. We were allowed to see her only for a couple of minutes a day. It was the most terrible time in our life. Every day we prayed for our girl, after all Uliana is our first and long-awaited child”.

After intensive care the girl had to undergo inpatient treatment. A series of endless examinations was followed by new and new diagnoses. From this moment the parents’ struggle for their daughter’s health began.

“Unfortunately special rehabilitation wasn’t possible because of convulsions.  Our four-year struggle produced no results: nothing has changed”.

The parents have almost lost hope and began to search for other ways of treatment. Und finally they have found out that children with such deceases are being treated in the clinic “Teknon” (Barcelona, ​​Spain).

“We ask all people that are not indifferent to help us undergo examination in this clinic. For our family it is a huge amount of money that is impossible to collect. Thank you in advance!”