Daniil Borzenkov

26.06.2019, Brest
All collected money
4 000 EUR
Total collected
4 000 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

focal cortical dysplasia. Psychospeech development disorder with signs of autism spectrum disorder. Muscle hypotonia syndrome. Condition after surgery (hemispherectomy), right-sided paresis

Focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) occurs due to impaired proliferation (tissue growth), migration of nerve cells and their organization in the cerebral cortex. Clinically, these brain malformations usually manifest as symptomatic epilepsy, which usually responds poorly or not at all to anticonvulsant drugs. FCD in most cases requires surgical treatment.

The purpose of the collection

control postoperative examination at the Center
Betel epilepsy at the Mara Clinic (Germany)

History of the child

Daniel’s first symptoms of the disease appeared in infancy – attacks during which the baby froze and began to breathe intermittently. The attacks began without any external causes. Doctors suggested epilepsy, followed by hospitalization and selection of anticonvulsants (which helped little or not at all). After several studies in Brest, Minsk, and then in Moscow, a disappointing diagnosis was made – focal cortical dysplasia (FCD). This disease in most cases requires surgical treatment. An operation was attempted in Minsk, but, alas, the situation turned out to be more complicated than expected.

The German Clinic Mara came to help the boy, where Danik first underwent a preoperative examination and where a biopsy was taken from him. And in December 2023, he underwent a difficult operation – a hemispherectomy of the left hemisphere. Daniil tolerated it well and now lives without attacks, from which he suffered since infancy. To get rid of the consequences of the operation – right-sided hemiparesis, the boy attends physiotherapy classes every day.
And in May of this year, Daniel is expected at the Mara Clinic (Bielefeld, Germany) for a follow-up postoperative examination.

“My son has already changed, intellectually – he began to pay attention to everything, which was not the case before. He is very happy with animals and people. He became more emotional and repeats everything. Listens and sings songs, dances. German doctors warned us about the high probability of postoperative right-sided hemiparesis, and today Danik’s entire right side is very weak. But we are rehabilitating every day! My son is already standing at the support, walking a little when he is supported by his arms. Getting rid of paresis is a matter of time. We are very pleased that we agreed to this operation, despite the risks. It became possible thanks to people with kind souls, everyone who cared about us. In May 2024, 6 months after the operation, Danik needs to go for a follow-up postoperative examination in Germany, where doctors will assess his current condition and, if all indicators are normal, will cancel drug therapy. All hope lies only in your support, because for our family 4 thousand euros is a huge amount. Please help us!” – Olga Borzenkova, Daniil’s mother, addresses all caring people.

All funds have been raised (23.01.2024).