Daniil Kryvialiou

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44 500 EUR
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44 500 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

congenital malformation of the outer and middle ear: microtia and atresia

Microtia is the term used to describe malformation of the external part of the ear (the pinna). Microtia varies in severity from minor changes, the ear may be smaller than expected, to complete absence of the pinna. Absence of the ear canal (external auditory meatus) is called atresia. Common syndromes which may involve microtia are goldenhaar, hemifacial microsomia or treacher-collins.

The purpose of the collection

Treatment in the university clinic in Munich, Germany

History of the child

Daniil Kryvialiou is 5 years old. Like any other child, he is curios, lively and talkative. However his life cannot be described as fully normal. He was born without the left ear. The diagnosis sounds: сongenital malformation of the outer and middle ear: microtia and atresia, i.e. complete absence of the ear and auditory canal from the left sight.


Children with microtia and atresia do not have a normal pathway for sound to reach the inner ear on the affected side. Usually sound is transmitted through the middle ear by the small bones of hearing but in microtia and atresia this may not be possible. However, even though the outer and middle ear can be affected by the condition, often the inner ear is healthy. If the situation is favourable the hearing can be restored by bypassing the parts which aren’t present or working properly and taking sound directly to the inner ear.

Fortunately that is the case of Daniil. The required surgery cannot be performed in Belarus. After numerous attempts, the parents have finally found the solutions in Germany: the Hospital of Munich has agreed to perform the operation with Medpor.  First introduced in 1991 by Dr. John Reinisch, MEDPOR ear reconstruction is a surgical technique used for microtia patients that uses a synthetic framework and the body’s own tissue to create an ear.

The cost of treatment needed is 44 500 EUR.

Let’s help Daniil to hear the world!


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