Darya Maximova

14.04.2010 Minsk
максимова шоп
All collected money
2 658 USD
Total collected
2 658 USD

Diagnosis of the child

Rett syndrome

Rett syndrome (RTT) is a genetic brain disorder which typically becomes apparent after 6 to 18 months of age in females. Symptoms include problems with language, coordination and repetitive movements.

The purpose of the collection

a wheelchair

History of the child

For 7 years Dasha’s parents are fighting for her: for the chance to live a full life.

To win against Rhett’s syndrome is very difficult, but nevertheless it is possible. It is important for Dasha not to lose already achieved positive results of treatment. But her wheelchair is broken now… And there is no way to walk and to have a comfortable life

” All kinds of the rehabilitation are on the paid basis therefore there is catastrophically not enough money in our family.” – Dasha’s mother shares.

Dasha needs your help!