Darya Sukhava

01.06.2008, Belarus
Дарья Сухова
All collected money
2 070 USD
Total collected
2 070 USD

Diagnosis of the child

сerebral palsy

Darya has cerebral palsy. She can only sit and say simple words like “mom”, “grandma”.

The purpose of the collection

rehabilitation equipment

History of the child

June 1 is a special day for Darya Sukhova: Children’s Day, beginning of school holidays und her birthday. However, the girl hasn’t invited any classmates to the party – Darya studies at home. She has cerebral palsy.

The girl was given an Apgar score of 8.6 at birth, but as it later turned out, doctors didn’t notice inherited pathology.

At the age of 1.8 the girl was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Time has already been lost. Of course we didn’t give up. And 37 rehabilitations have yielded good results: Darya can sit, say simple words.

Darya is a beautiful smiling girl that understands definitely more than says. And even when her father left her, she has forgiven him.

Recently the girl has broken her leg in hospital, and now she needs a rehabilitation, that costs 2 070 USD.

Let’s make a birthday present for the girl!