Elisei Samorosenko

23.09.2017, Vitebsk
All collected money
49 600 USD
Total collected
49 600 USD

Diagnosis of the child

congenital abnormalities (ear), microtia and atresia (external ear canal), dextral dull of hearing

Microtia is a rare birth defect in which the external ear is not completely developed. It affects about one of every 5,000 to 7,000 babies born annually. Microtia is a rare condition that causes missing or underdeveloped ears. 

Microtia usually occurs with atresia, also known as aural atresia, a condition in which the auditory ear canal is either underdeveloped, absent or closed. Microtia and atresia almost always affect hearing and generally require ongoing medical care from a pediatric ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialist as well as an audiologist. It’s more common in males than females.

The purpose of the collection

surgery for opening an acoustic meatus and hearing restoration

History of the child

Elisei Samorosenko is a wonderful baby. The boy was born without an ear, but for his parents he is the best child in the world. But after the birth doctors found a defect of ear and acoustic meatus.

This anomaly is quite rare, and scientists have not determined what factors affect the occurrence of atresia and microtia. Some good news:  there are doctors in the world  who perform unique operations for opening an acoustic meatus and hearing restoration.

Of course, there are children who live with such diagnosis, but due to cloth ears they are retarded…

There is no opportunity to perform the necessary operation in Belarus. The only hope fot the family is the operation cin USA. Price —  49 600 USD. It’s impossible for the family to find such an immense amount of money on their own.

“Most of all in the world we want our child to be healthy and live a full live.  Finally we have met the doctor who is able to change the life of our son – Dr. Robenson. The only problem is that the cost for the operation is too high… Needless to say, that I couldn’t believe my luck, when UNIHELP agreed to help us. And you are our last hope to make this dream come true ” — Konstantin, Elisei’s father says.

Let’s help the boy to hear this world!

Elisei needs your support!


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