Gleb Korolevich

31.08.2015, Brest
королевич глеб
All collected money
16 000 EUR
Total collected
16 000 EUR

Diagnosis of the child


Mesomelia refers to conditions in which the middle parts of limbs are disproportionately short. When applied to skeletal dysplasias, mesomelic dwarfism describes generalised shortening of the forearms and lower legs. This is in contrast to rhizomelic dwarfism in which the upper portions of limbs are short such as in achondroplasia.

The purpose of the collection

medical treatment in the «Federal Scientific Center of Rehabilitation of the Disabled
named after G.A. Albrecht» of the Ministry of Labour
and Social Protection of the Russian Federation

History of the child

Gleb Korolevich was discharged with the diagnosis of mesomelia – the term rhizomelic pertains to the proximal portions of the limbs including shoulder and arm in the upper extremity and hip and thigh in the lower extremity.

Rhizomelia is defined as either a disproportion of the length of the proximal limb usually shortening or deformity affecting the shoulder and arm or hip and thigh.Mesomelia is defined as a condition in which the forearms and lower legs are abnormally short or deformed.

Gleb is 4 y.o. now, but his growth is like a one-year-old kid. Despite this, Gleb is a very active and sharp. The boy goes in for day nursery (garden-based learning). Without doubt, he needs help in everything, because the most elementary things, such as: put on things, put on shoes, take care of one’s needs – this all is impossible for him…

In his 4 years, the boy moves on a wheelchair, because “wearing” a long body and a large head is very difficult – hence the chest distortion and curvature of the spine.

At this age, the problem could be partially solved by numerous operations (step-by-step increase of growth by external fixation devices, Ilizarov apparatus).  During the extension, the children are restricted in movement and are in wheelchairs.

The cost of the first three stages of treatment  – 16,000 EUR. The family doesn’t have an opportunity to collect such a sum on its own.

We ask for help for Gleb Korolevich!


Collecting is closed (13.01.2020).