Ilya Samsonov

22.11.2007, Kalinkovichi (Belarus)
Илья Самсонов
All collected money
1 865 USD
Total collected
1 865 USD

Diagnosis of the child

cerebral palsy

Ilya has cerebral palsy. He cannot walk, sit and speak, but understands the speech addressed to him.

The purpose of the collection

a wheelchair

History of the child

Ilya Samsonov, just like other children, wants to play with bears, cars, phones … But he can hardly move his arms and legs: Ilya has cerebral palsy.

The boy was born prematurely and was in ICU for more than 1 month just after the birth. As a result, Ilya is afraid of silence. Most of all he likes when his younger brother and sister read aloud to him.

“Our son underwent treatment in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Undoubtedly, it has yielded its results: he is slowly beginning to move his legs and understands the speech addressed to him, but I understand that there’s no hope of full recovery. ” – says Olga, Ilya’s mother”.

The family lives on the 4th floor, and it’s almost impossible for Ilya and his mother to leave the flat without help of Alexandr, Ilya’s father. That’s why most of all Ilya needs a wheelchair, that the family cannot afford.

“We’ve somehow managed to deal with all the problems on our own. But now we need help more than never before “.

The price of the wheelchair is 1 865 USD.