Karnialiuk Vasili

13.01.2004, Brest (Belarus)
Корнелюк Василий
All collected money
1 345 EUR
Total collected
1 345 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

сerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy is considered a neurological disorder caused by a non-progressive brain injury or malformation that occurs while the child’s brain is under development. Symptoms include movement and coordination problems, intellectual disabilities, seizures, problems with vision and speaking.

The purpose of the collection

purchasing of walking frame

History of the child

Vasily was born at the 27 week gestation, as a result he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia (3rd degree of severity), esotropia.

“After long-term treatment, I have almost lost my courage, but the doctor said to me: ” The fact that your child understands everything and can talk is incredible. And if he ever gets on his feet – it will be really a miracle”.

Vasily is a very positive, cheerful and sociable boy. He is fond of listening to music and communicating with his friends.

“Rehabilitation courses in the сenter “Tonus “, massage, the operations, that he has already undergone, physical therapy, hippotherapy – it all costs a lot. And now we have no possibility to find money for walking frame. Earlier we were able to support him while walking, but now his weight is 47 kg. We will be very grateful to you for your help!”