Kirill Sojko

23.06.2015, Belarus
шоп кирилл сойко
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8 870 USD
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8 870 USD

Diagnosis of the child

arthrogryposis multiplex congenita

Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC) refers to the development of multiple joint contractures affecting two or more areas of the body prior to birth. A contracture occurs when a joint becomes permanently fixed in a bent or straightened position, which can impact the function and range of motion of the joint and may lead to muscle atrophy. AMC is not a specific diagnosis, but rather a physical symptom that can be associated with many different medical conditions. It is suspected that AMC is related to decreased fetal movement during development which can have a variety of different causes, including environmental factors (i.e. maternal illness, limited space), single gene changes (autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, X-linked), chromosomal abnormalities and various syndromes. Treatment varies based on the signs and symptoms found in each person, but may include physical therapy, removable splints, exercise, and/or surgery.

The purpose of the collection

an operation with the subsequent rehabilitation

History of the child

Right after the birth little Kirill was diagnosed with the following disease: arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC).

It sounded as a sentence. But the family began a desperate fight for their son. Kirill completed courses of massages, electrostimulation of muscles, magnetolaser therapy, but all this brings only temporary improvements. At the moment our country can’t help children with such diagnosis.

«There is a hope for recovery!!!  We had a consultation at children’s orthopedic institute of G.I. Turner of the Russian Federation, and doctors are ready to maintain an operation. However the cost of operation and subsequent rehabilitation are too high. For us it is very difficult to pay the treatment of our son», — Kirill’s mother shares.

Let’s help Kirill not to lose hope! Thank you in advance!