Konoshonok Ivan

08.02.2016, Minsk (Belarus)
Коношонок Иван
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1 660 USD
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1 660 USD

Diagnosis of the child

organic CNS disorder with cystic-atrophic changes in the brain

Organic CNS disorder affects the structure or function of the brain or spinal cord, which collectively form the central nervous system (CNS). The symptoms can include an inability to concentrate; loss of feeling; memory loss; loss of muscle strength; tremors; seizures; increased reflexes, spasticity, tics; paralysis.

The purpose of the collection

rehabilitation chair

History of the child

This story began on February  8, 2016.  First months of Vanya’s life became a nightmare for the whole family. Only after 6 months of never-ending struggle the situation has finally stabilized. The child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Vanya is a very outgoing and curious child.  The thing the boy really wants is to play with other children, but he isn’t able to. And the only thing left is to look at his peers, sighing sadly.

“When Vanya was 6 months old, we have started rehabilitation, trying to seize any opportunity possible to help him. We have been looking for different centers and methods, working with different specialists. Finally it has yielded positive results: every day we take small steps to recovery”.

In September, Vanya underwent a comprehensive rehabilitation in Truskavets. The boy has become more attentive and strong; he can play more and discover the world around him. But to be in the right position, he needs a special rehabilitation chair. And only we can make his dream come true!