Kulchenko Elina

25.10.2011, Belarus
Кульченко Элина
All collected money
9 000 USD
Total collected
9 000 USD

Diagnosis of the child

consequences of meningoencephalitis and paralytic dislocations of the hip-joint

Meningoencephalitis is a medical condition that simultaneously resembles both meningitis, which is an infection or inflammation of the meninges, and encephalitis, which is an infection or inflammation of the brain.

The purpose of the collection

multistage hip joint surgery

History of the child

Elina suffers from the consequences of meningoencephalitis, that were accompanied by orthopedic problems. Unfortunately these problems cannot be managed in Belarus. In 2016 in Samara the girl underwent the first stage of surgeries – hip joint reconstruction. The second stage of surgeries is planned for January 2018. The cost amounts to 9 000 USD (4 600 USD was already collected by the mother of the girl).

“We’re asking you to help us continue the hip joint reconstruction and treatment of dislocations. Three operations are planned for January. You can ask: why can’t they be performed in Belarus? Elina has experienced neurogenic shock, was diagnosed with some other orthopedic disorders and PEM (protein–energy malnutrition). Constant enteral nutrition is required for her health.

In a year we have achieved a lot: the motor function was restored, my daughter tries to stand on one leg and to sit, but she is not allowed yet. The right leg is quite limited in movement.

The second stage of the surgeries is expected to enable 50-60 degree turn of thighbone. The third stage, in a year, will restore the function of the right leg. It’s a very long and complex process, but it would be much more painless for Elina.

A long and difficult road lies ahead, and we appeal to all the people who are not indifferent to help us! The first step has already been taken. I know and believe that there are a lot of kind-hearted people, who will help my daughter to get the possibility to stand and walk. May God give you and your families happiness and strong-strong health!”