Leu Hihevich

22.11.2013, Borisov
лев гиг шоп
All collected money
34 100 EUR
Total collected
34 100 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

microtia and atresia (right side)

Microtia, also called congenital aural atresia, has an incidence of 1.5 in 10,000 to 15,000 with a male predominance. The condition is bilateral in 15% cases; right side is more commonly involved in unilateral cases. Microtia comprises anomalies of variable severity involving pinna, external acoustic canal, middle ear structures, and occasionally inner ear, leading to hearing impairment of varying degrees. 

The purpose of the collection

treatment in the university clinic in Munich, Germany

History of the child

Lev was born in November 2013. Mom’s pregnancy was good, all tests and indicators were normal. The ultrasound results were also always in order, and even 3D ultrasound at the last stages of pregnancy showed no abnormalities. Therefore, when Lev was born without a right ear, it was a big shock for his parents.

The diagnosis is a congenital malformation of the outer and middle ear: microtia and atresia, i.e. complete absence of the ear and auditory canal from the right sight.

If in the next few years nothing is done with the auditory canal, then it is likely that the hearing will not be able to recover.

In the university clinic in Munich (Germany) are ready to help Lev. A survey will be conducted, and the restoration of the auricle will begin, and during this time, doctors will determine whether it is possible to make an ear canal or put on a hearing aid.

The cost of the survey and operations – 18 460.11 EUR.

Let’s help Leu to hear the world!