Maksim Ignatovich

14.03.2016, g. Minsk (Belarus)
Максим Игнатович
All collected money
28 515 USD
Total collected
28 515 USD

Diagnosis of the child

tuberous sclerosis

Tuberous sclerosis is a rare genetic disease that causes benign tumors to grow in the brain and on other vital organs. Brain damage can cause epilepsy. TSC typically affects multiple organ systems and cause damage to kidneys, heart, liver, eyes, lungs, and skin.

The purpose of the collection

surgery in the Morozov Children's Hospital (Moscow)

History of the child

The elder Dasha used to run up to her brother and say pitifully: “Our small and foolish boy.”

Each word was breaking parents’ hearts again and again. Their 3-month-old Maxim was diagnosed with Tuberous sclerosis. Unfamiliar word – “tubers” in the brain – frightened.


Unfamiliar word – “tubers”
in the brain – frightened.


The boy had epileptic seizures 10 times a day. Every two months Maxim was examined and treated in the national research center “Mother and child”. But nothing has changed! In October 2017 Maxim was discharged from the hospital.



The only thing Ivan and Olya – parents of the child – needed was hope. And Russian doctors has given it – the boy started to roll over, to crawl … Finally Olya fell asleep at night – the number of seizures was halved.


The boy started
to roll over, to crawl…


The family has found a hope again. Neurosurgeons from Moscow are able to remove the tubers – and the child will not have seizures any more. The price of the hope is 28 515 USD.

Let’s help Maxim not to lose hope!