Maryia Druzik

24.10.2012 Svetlogorsk
All collected money
48 100 USD
Total collected
48 100 USD

Diagnosis of the child

bilateral atresia of the external auditory canal, microtia of the external ear on the left

Microtia of the ear pacrvina (small sizes up to absence) and atresia (complete or partial absence of the auditory canal) refer to anomalies in the development of the osteochondral skeleton of the outer ear. These malformations are not diagnosed during intrauterine examinations. Often they are only detected after the baby is born. Currently, scientists have not reliably determined what factors influence the occurrence of atresia and microtia.

The purpose of the collection

operation to form the external auditory canal on the right (the first stage of hearing restoration) at the International Center for the Treatment of Atresia and Microtia (California, USA)

History of the child

Since birth, Maryia has had no auditory canals and no left ear. Moreover, only at the age of three, doctors established that the girl lacks both auditory canals, that is, she is extremely hard of hearing. From the age of four, the girl wears a hearing aid; after classes with a deaf teacher, she began to speak. The dream of Masha and her family is to restore the girl’s hearing by performing an operation to open the ear canal. This is possible if a number of parameters are met including: well-formed own bones of the middle ear, the absence of sensorineural hearing loss. In Masha’s case, all these conditions are met.



After examining the survey data and the online consultation Dr. Joseph Roberson of the International Center for the treatment of atresia and microtia (The International Center for Atresia Microtia Repair proposed to carry out two operations in stages: the first for the formation of the ear canal to the right, where there is the pinna. The opening of the ear canal and the reconstruction of the outer ear on the left can then be performed at the same time. Unfortunately, such operations are not performed in our country. And the cost of treatment in the United States for a family from a provincial town is unaffordable.


«We are raising two children, my wife works in a sanatorium as a nurse, I work as a roofer. We cannot afford to collect that kind of money. That is why we sincerely ask you to help us raise money for the first stage of treatment for our Maryia», – Elena and Sergey Druzik address their friends at UNIHELP.


All funds have been raised (13.12.2021). Thank you so much!