Maryia Dzianishchych

10.14.2017, Agro-town of Belousha, Stolin district, Brest region
Мария Денищич
All collected money
18 500 EUR
Total collected
18 500 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

bladder exstrophy

Bladder exstrophy is a congenital absence of the anterior wall of the bladder and a section of the anterior abdominal wall, while urine flows out through the openings of the ureters. This is one of the most severe malformations of the urinary tract. Exstrophy is considered a fairly rare defect (from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 200,000 newborns). With the exception of the genitourinary system, children with exstrophy are no different from other children and develop in the same way as their peers. The only way to help is surgery, and often the treatment is multi-stage.

The purpose of the collection

operation in Belgrade, Serbia

History of the child

Maria Denischich is the second child of five children in a large family. Masha was born with a severe developmental pathology – exstrophy of the bladder. The first bladder plastic surgery was performed in Minsk on the second day of the girl’s life. A second operation followed six months later. Belarusian surgeons saved the girl’s life by closing the defect. But while Mashin’s bladder can’t hold urine, the girl has to wear diapers all the time.
The child is growing, and the question arose of how to live on. In Belarus, they can perform an operation to create a stoma, which will allow her to retain urine, but Masha will have to empty herself through a catheter all her life. The alternative is a complex reconstructive multi-stage operation, after which in 50-80% of cases the child gets the opportunity to naturally control urination. But there are only a few surgeons performing such operations in the world. One of them is Radosh Djinovic from the Center for Reconstructive Urology in Serbia.


“We sent our medical data and photos to the doctor for a preliminary consultation,” says Maria’s mother, Nadezhda Denischich. – We received an answer saying that Masha can be taken for an operation and the probability of success in her case is very high. The first operation can be carried out as early as July. We appeal to all kind hearts and ask you to help pay for the treatment. Please give our daughter a chance to live like all ordinary children, without diapers and catheters, without constant shame and fear!”

All funds have been raised (20.06.2023).