Matsvei Zaleski

16.09.2015, Minsk
Матвей Залесский
All collected money
18 850 EUR
Total collected
18 850 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

structural focal epilepsy, drug-resistant form, condition after callosotomy surgery

Focal epilepsy is a form of epilepsy in which seizures occur due to the presence in the brain of a limited and clearly localized area with increased paroxysmal activity.

Callosotomy (cutting the corpus callosum) is a palliative surgical procedure used to treat drug-resistant (drug-resistant) epilepsy. In this procedure, the corpus callosum (the plexus of nerve fibers in the brain that connects the right and left hemispheres) is cut to limit the spread of epileptic activity between the two hemispheres of the brain.

The purpose of the collection

additional examination and correction of drug therapy at the Epilepsy Center of the University Hospital Bielefeld (Germany), purchase of medication

History of the child

Matsvei was born healthy. There were no signs of trouble, but at seven months the child suffered herpes encephalitis, which led to organic damage to the central nervous system. Soon, brain damage began to manifest itself with frequent epileptic seizures, against which medications were powerless. The medications provided either short-term relief, which was followed by worsening, or the medications simply did not work. In 2021, Matsvei became a UNIHELP ward, and with the help of philanthropists he was able to get to a specialized clinic in Germany, where he underwent invasive diagnostics, selected medications, and in 2023 he underwent callosotomy surgery.

“Many thanks to all the caring people who have already helped and continue to help our beloved boy. After the operation, Matsvei had no seizures for 8 months, he began to walk on his own, and spoke his first words! On his last visit to the German epilepsy center in August 2023 (6 months after the operation), Matsvei had no seizures, doctors recommended reducing the doses of the expensive drug Epidiolex until complete withdrawal. After the operation, there was hope that Matsvei would be able to live without seizures, that he would study at school, in an integrated class. But the road to recovery turned out to be much more difficult than expected. Recently the attacks have resumed, and we again need expensive medicine. Matsvei also urgently needs to get to the Epileptology Center of the University Hospital Bielefeld to identify remaining foci of epilepsy and follow-up treatment. And we ask for your help in paying for the visit to the clinic and the cost of the drug. We hope your kind hearts will help Matsvei complete his treatment!” – the Zaleski family appeals to philanthropists.

All funds have been raised (18.04.2024).