Matvei Zaleski

16.09.2015, Minsk
Matsvei Zalesski
All collected money
6 000 EUR
Total collected
6 000 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

structural focal epilepsy, pharmacoresistant form, condition after surgery (callosotomy)

Focal epilepsy is a form of epilepsy in which seizures occur due to the presence of a limited and well-localized area in the brain with increased paroxysmal activity.

A callosotomy is an operation to cut the corpus callosum (brain structure that connects the two hemispheres and consists of nerve fibers). With the help of the corpus callosum, the hemispheres of the brain exchange information, but in addition, through it, epileptic activity can spread from one hemisphere to another. Operative treatment of epilepsy, including callosotomy, is used in patients with severe seizures when medical treatment is ineffective and especially when an epileptic seizure affects both hemispheres.

The purpose of the collection

control postoperative examination at the Bethel Epilepsy Center at the Mara Clinic (Germany)

History of the child

Matvei was born healthy, but at seven months after suffering from herpes encephalitis, the boy began to have frequent epileptic seizures, against which medications were powerless. Because of the seizures, the child did not learn to speak and walk independently by the age of seven. All methods of treatment have been tried in Belarus. In the summer of 2021, Matvei became a ward of UNIHELP, and thanks to your help, already in September of the same year, he got to the Bethel Epilepsy Center at the Mara Clinic (Germany) for an examination. In February 2023, Matvei underwent an operation at the same clinic.


“There are no words to convey all our gratitude to those people who donated funds for our son. Thanks to you, Matvei has a chance to live without debilitating seizures. In August 2023, 6 months after the operation, Matvei needs to go to Germany for a follow-up postoperative examination. And we again ask for your help, because for our family 6 thousand euros is an unbearable amount. All hope only for your support! –  Zaleskis’ family addresses the friends of UNIHELP. – We dream of the day when we hear coherent words from Matveyushka, when he will be able to do elementary self-service activities. What is natural for healthy children will be the greatest victory and achievement for us! Please help Matvei go this way!”

All funds have been raised (23.05.2023). Thank you so much!