Nikita Shachenok

09.06.2016, Vitebsk
шачёнок никита
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48 980 USD
Total collected
48 980 USD

Diagnosis of the child

microtia, atresia of the external auditory canal

Microtia is a congenital anomaly, characterized by a small, abnormally shaped auricle (pinna). It is usually accompanied by a narrow, blocked or absent ear canal. Microtia can occur as the only clinical abnormality or as part of a syndrome. The estimated prevalence of microtia is 0.8-4.2/10,000 births and it is more common in males. Microtia can have a genetic or environmental predisposition. Mendelian hereditary forms of microtia with an autosomal dominant or recessive mode of inheritance as well as forms due to chromosomal aberrations have been reported.

Auditory canal atresia is a developmental absence of the external auditory canal. It is often associated with microtia (a poorly developed outer ear). One ear is typically affected, but both ears can be atretic.

The purpose of the collection

surgery for opening an acoustic meatus and hearing restoration (USA) + travel costs

History of the child

Nikita Shachenok was born in 2016 with a microthia and atresia atresia of the external auditory canal from the left.

There is no opportunity to perform the necessary operation in our country. Doctors in Belarus can offer only a silicone ear prosthesis and the implantation of a cochlear implant as for babies with senso-neural hearing loss.

The only hope for Nikita is the operation in USA. But the price —  48 980 USD — is too high for the family.








But Nikita has all medical indicators in order to open the auditory canal and restore natural hearing. CT diagnostics showed that the boy retained the entire chain of auditory bones. But parents need to think about the operation right now, because the auditory nerve (leftward) can finally atrophy.

Let’s help Nikita to hear this world!


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