Pavel Shurpo

02.11.2016, Retschyza
Павел Шурпо
All collected money
22 000 EUR
Total collected
22 000 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

symptomatic epilepsy, focal cortical dysplasia type 2 (suspected)

Epilepsy is a group of neurological diseases characterized by convulsive attacks with loss of consciousness or short-term “disconnections” from what is happening.

Focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) is a local disorder in the structure of the cerebral cortex that occurs during fetal development. Clinically, FCD usually manifests as symptomatic epilepsy that is difficult to treat with anticonvulsants.

The purpose of the collection

invasive examination at the Center for Epileptology of the University Hospital Bielefeld (Germany)

History of the child

Pavel Shurpo, the third child in the family, was born healthy, but at 3 years and 8 months the baby had his first epileptic attack. The disease began to progress rapidly, seizures became more and more severe, and their number reached several dozen per day. Because of this, Pavel experienced a huge setback in psycho-speech development, the boy began to lose self-care skills, and he developed traits of secondary autism.

“It’s scary to see my son’s daily torment: during attacks (and there are up to 30 of them a day!) Pasha loses consciousness, falls, and stops breathing. Several times he smashed his head, chin and lips. With such attacks there is no need to talk about any intellectual development of the child. And if you don’t help Pavel now to get rid of the attacks, then in the future he will never become independent. Since the onset of the disease, we have undergone many examinations in Belarus and Russia, and have done all possible genetic tests. But, unfortunately, doctors have not yet been able to find effective treatment for Pasha. Doctors suggest that the cause of epilepsy was focal cortical dysplasia type 2. But our family’s resources are completely exhausted, and without the help of philanthropists we will not be able to pay for the examination. Help save my beloved son!” – Pavel’s mother Tatyana Shurpo addresses all caring people.

All funds have been raised (21.11.2023).