Rodion Mihaskov

18.01.2003, Minsk
михаськов родион
All collected money
23 081 USD
Total collected
23 081 BYN

Diagnosis of the child

congenital amputation stump (left-hand)

Congenital amputation is the absence of a limb or part of a limb at birth.

There are different types of congenital amputation birth defects. An infant with congenital amputation may be missing an entire limb or just a portion of a limb. The complete absence of a limb leaving a stump is called transverse deficiency, or amelia. When a specific part of a limb is missing, for example, when the fibula bone in the lower leg is missing, but the rest of the leg is intact, it is called a longitudinal deficiency. The condition in which only a mid-portion of a limb is missing, as when the hands or feet are attached directly to the trunk, is known as phocomelia.

Congenital amputation may be the result of the constriction of fibrous bands within the membrane that surrounds the developing fetus (amniotic band syndrome), the exposure to substances known to cause birth defects (teratogenic agents), genetic factors, or other, unknown, causes.

The purpose of the collection

purchasing of hand prosthesis (bionic)

History of the child

Sixteen-year-old Rodion Mihaskov has a congenital amputation stump.

The parents didn’t ask themselves never ending questions trying to find the causes of the troubles, they just did everything possible to help Rodion. The family had an opportunity to put on a cosmetic prosthesis, but unfortunately, it was very impractical.

It seems the boy succeeds in everything he does – studying, painting, swimming, playing chess. Except for one thing – struggling with his disease. Except health problems (scoliosis,caused by uneven load for back bone), there are other problems:  permanent interest someone of the same age, water-cooler conversations and gossip behind the back.

The bionic prosthesis will open up great opportunities for Rodion. Well-built, ergonomical and functional – it would be the very best decision!

For a better life Rodion needs a hand prosthesis. The cost of producing and installing such a bionic prosthesis for Rodion is 23 081 USD.