Ruslan Mazaruk

15.01.2011, g. Jodino (Belarus)
Мазарук Руслан
All collected money
1 225 USD
Total collected
1 225 USD

Diagnosis of the child

сerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy is considered a neurological disorder caused by a non-progressive brain injury or malformation that occurs while the child’s brain is under development. Symptoms include movement and coordination problems, intellectual disabilities, seizures, problems with vision and speaking.

The purpose of the collection

a horseback riding simulator

History of the child

Ruslan was born at 31 weeks, and stayed in intensive care unit for ten days. Later he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, convergent strabismus. Ruslan is very positive and emotional: he expresses all his feelings via facial expressions and gestures.

“Because of movement disorders, my son cannot walk and sit without assistance. We live on a disability pension and disability living allowance”.

The family has to shoulder a heavy financial burden of paying for individual classes and medicaments. But it’s the only way to help the boy.

“We need a horseback riding simulator to improve fine motor skills and perception of the world, to develop coordination and sense of balance. Thank you in advance!”