Semen Novikov

02.12.2009, Vitebsk (Belarus)
Семен Новиков
All collected money
1 570 USD
Total collected
1 570 USD

Diagnosis of the child

spastic diplegia

Spastic diplegia is a form of cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that permanently affects muscle control and coordination; and leads to spasticity (stiff or tight muscles and exaggerated reflexes) in the legs.

The purpose of the collection

stationary bicycle for children with cerebral palsy

History of the child

Semen is a real giant – he was born weighing more than 4kg. But right after the birth the boy stopped breathing. Semen spent 12 hours in intensive care, bravely fighting for his life. He has survived, but the boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

“It’s so hard to explain what I was feeling, knowing that my child was hovering between life and death, and I could do nothing to help him. When I was finally able to get up and walk, I went to my son in order to see him at least. But I wasn’t allowed”.

“This three-month period, when Semen was fighting for his life, was a nightmare for his parents. The only thing, that helped them not to lose courage was hope. When they finally were said, that the doctors had saved their angel’s life, they were over the moon.”

“On the one hand our child is “special”, he needs a lot of attention and special care, on the other hand, just like all his peers he likes playing, singing and joking”.

Rehabilitation in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania has already brought fantastic results: Semen is a second-grader, the only difference is that he studies at home: the boy cannot walk. Special stationary bicycle can help him to strengthen his leg muscles. It costs 1 570 USD.