Sofia Pisaryk

05.10.2010, Minsk
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Diagnosis of the child

spastic cerebral palsy, foot deformity

Foot deformities in children with cerebral palsy may result from the interaction of many factors, including muscle spasticity and imbalance, soft-tissue contractures, bony torsion, and joint instability, all of which occur, for the very young child, within a dynamic context of neurologic maturation and longitudinal growth. Such a complicated scenario makes it difficult to describe the natural history of foot deformity in children with CP.

The purpose of the collection

3 operations in the TURNER SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR CHILDREN’S ORTHOPEDICS under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

History of the child

Sofia Pisaryk is broad-minded, curious, optimistic  and friendly girl. It seems the girl succeeds at everything she does – playing, walking. Except for one thing – struggling with spastic cerebral palsy.

Doctors from the the Turner scientific research institute for children’s orthopedics under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation are ready to offer surgical treatment.

It will take 3 operations (they can be done immediately under one anesthesia). And during this time are planned following operations: a tenotomy of the leading thigh muscles, extension of the tibia flexors, achilloplasty and medial release of the foot – all from two sides.  Sofia’s age allows doctors to restore feet without using metal structures, and this is actually the main reason why parents chose this clinic.

«But we have a hope for recovery!  We had a consultation at children’s orthopedic institute of G.I. Turner of the Russian Federation, and doctors are ready to maintain 3 operations. However the cost of operations is too high for us… It is very difficult to pay the treatment of our daughter», — Sofia’s mother shares.

Let’s help Sofia not to lose hope!
Thank you in advance!


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