Starnakou Dmitry

26.07.2012, Minsk (Belarus)
Старнаков Дмитрий
All collected money
3 263 USD
Total collected
3 263 USD

Diagnosis of the child

organic CNS disorder, cerebral palsy

Organic CNS disorder affects the structure or function of the brain or spinal cord, which collectively form the central nervous system (CNS). The symptoms can include an inability to concentrate; loss of feeling; memory loss; loss of muscle strength; tremors; seizures; increased reflexes, spasticity, tics; paralysis.

The purpose of the collection

a wheelchair

History of the child

Dima was born five years ago but he has already come a long way to be able to hold his head up and recognize his friends. Bypass surgery (an operation that aims to create an alternate pathway (also known as a “bypass route”) allowing blood to flow around blocked arteries or organs) has yielded significant results.

“Dima needs a wheelchair to be able to visit rehabilitation and hipotherapy centers. Thank you in advance!”