Tarasevich Artyom

19.10.2013 Minsk
malchik-150x150 тарасевич
All collected money
12 034 USD
Total collected
12 034 USD

Diagnosis of the child

Sensorineural hearing loss

Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is a type of hearing loss, or deafness, in which the root cause lies in the inner ear or sensory organ (cochlea and associated structures) or the vestibulocochlear nerve

The purpose of the collection

Processor Nucleus 6

History of the child

Artyom is a very cheerful, energetic and curious boy, he likes active games and riding the scooter as well as reading books and playing with other children. However all this things are very difficult to Artyom. The boy has a chronic deafness which causes many severities in his life.

After implant installation Artyom has begun to understand the speech and even tried to talk!

But the processor which was a guide between the boy and the world has broken.

“Due to the broken button, Artyom has completely lost hearing. The model of this processor is laid off and it is impossible to repair the broken processor.”Artyom’s mother shares.

Artyom’s family isn’t able to collect such a large sum independently. Let’s help the boy to hear the world around!