Teona Jalovik

28.09.2016, Minsk
All collected money
65 200 USD
Total collected
65 200 USD

Microtia, also called congenital aural atresia, has an incidence of 1.5 in 10,000 to 15,000 with a male predominance. The condition is bilateral in 15% cases; right side is more commonly involved in unilateral cases. Microtia comprises anomalies of variable severity involving pinna, external acoustic canal, middle ear structures, and occasionally inner ear, leading to hearing impairment of varying degrees. 

The purpose of the collection

surgery (an ear prosthetic device) and ALD-acquisition

History of the child

Teona Jalovik  was born without a right ear. Moreover, on this side the girl doesn’t hear anything at all.

The family decided to act as quickly as possible. Teona’s parents found a way that will help the girl to start hearing on both sides in the near future.

American doctors are ready to perform a special surgery (an ear prosthetic device), they can make a real ear with the help of special material Medpor that will not differ from normal.
The operation is needed not only for aesthetic purposes. The artificial ear will help in catching sound and redirecting it to the middle ear, protect the auditory passages from dust and help in determining the direction of the sound source.

Also, an Adhear hearing aid will be attached to this ear and Teona will be able to hear.

All this requires not only a lot of time and  strength, but also money.

The cost of the surgery and ALD-acquisition – 65 200 USD.

Let’s help Teona to hear the world!


Collecting is closed (01.02.2021).