Uladzislau Trubach

09.09.2008, Minsk
Владислав Трубач
All collected money
100 600 USD
Total collected
100 600 USD

Diagnosis of the child

CHD: moderate hypoplasia of the left ventricle, ascending aorta. Chronic plastic bronchitis. Protein-losing enteropathy

Plastic bronchitis (PB) is a rare disorder in which lymphatic fluid accumulates in the airways and forms rubber-like or sealed plugs (known as casts). These casts block the airways, making it difficult to breathe.
Plastic bronchitis is most common in patients with certain forms of congenital heart disease and who have lymphatic abnormalities. Patients with plastic bronchitis experience difficulty breathing and are prone to severe coughing spells during which they may cough up “casts” of the bronchi. In severe cases, plastic bronchitis can lead to asphyxia (suffocation).

The purpose of the collection

operation at the Schneider Children's Medical Center (Israel)

History of the child

At the 27th week of pregnancy, Vladislav was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease – hypoplasia of the left sections. And immediately after birth, the baby was in intensive care, at the age of just over a month, he was operated on in Minsk. Then 2 more operations followed, Vlad felt good, developed according to his age, went to school on time. But in 2019, the boy began to have severe swelling. The examination revealed protein-losing enthoropathy. As a result of this disease, the lymphatic system suffers, the content of protein and albumin in the blood is critically reduced. Vlad has to go to the hospital regularly to drip albumin. But this is not enough for long.


“My gratitude to the Belarusian doctors is endless, they saved Vlad’s life three times, and now they are helping him fight the consequences of the disease. But, unfortunately, in our country they do not perform operations that eliminate plastic bronchitis – after all, this is a very rare pathology. Recently, Vlad’s condition has worsened even more, the child is hardly coughing up “casts” that resemble chewing gum in consistency.
We turned to a doctor who has extensive experience in such operations. The doctor studied Vlad’s medical history and is ready to help him and perform an operation at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel. The cost of treatment is more than 100 thousand dollars, in essence, this is the price of life without the threat of suffocation, because the operation eliminates the problem forever. We can only hope for your help!” – Alena Trubach, Vladislav’s mother, addresses all UNIHELP friends.

All funds have been raised (17.04.2023). Thank you so much!