Varvara Gurinovich

27.11.2013, Zhodino
гуринович варя
All collected money
50 000 EUR
Total collected
50 000 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

syndrome movements disturbance,
ambilateral hip sprain,
harlequin ichthyosis

Movement disorders are clinical syndromes with either an excess of movement or a paucity of voluntary and involuntary movements, unrelated to weakness or spasticity.

A hip sprain occurs when you stretch or tear ligaments around your hip. Ligaments are tough tissues that connect one bone to another.

Harlequin ichthyosis, also known as ichthyosis lamellaris and nonbullous congenital ichthyosis, is a rare inherited skin disorder, affecting around 1 in 600,000 people. Affected babies are born in a collodion membrane, a shiny, waxy-appearing outer layer to the skin. This is shed 10–14 days after birth, revealing the main symptom of the disease, extensive scaling of the skin caused by hyperkeratosis.

The purpose of the collection

hip joint operation in the clinic in Innsbruck (Austria)

History of the child

Varvara Gurinovich was born with a serious genetic illness – lamellar exfoliation of the newborn. Every morning Varya takes a bath in the space of an hour with special medicinal product. During the bathing it is necessary to charm away the toughened skin, and also it is necessary to dub girl’s skin (all body) three or four times a day with cream.


«Now Varvara needs an operation, the cost is € 50,000.  The neurologist in the policlinic found incidentally an ambilateral hip sprain (Varya was 9 months old). Doctors didn’t notice it in the first months of Varvara’s life. Conservative treatment was already impossible. After consultation in the Republican Research and Practice Centre of traumatology and orthopedics in Minsk — the hip joint operation wasn’t recommended because of serious skin problems. », —Anna, Varvara’s mother shares.


Such diagnosis as syndrome movements disturbance was also made to the girl. Varvara’s parents have finally found a clinic in Austria (Innsbruck). In 2019 Varya was there for a checkup. Inspection in the Tirol clinic produced excellent results. Fortunately, specialists from Austria offer a high-quality hip joint operation using best innovative technologies.

The price for carrying out the operation is 50,000 EUR. Varya’s parents are not able to cover such sum independently.

In spite of everything Varvara is a very cheerful girl. She has parents, she also has a cozy home and nice toys. The only thing missing for little girl’s complete happiness is a hip joint operation in the clinic in Innsbruck.

Varya’s family asks for help with hope for the better future for their daughter!

Let’s help Varvara and her family!


Collecting is closed (18.02.2020).