Veranika Borisenko

24.02.2019, Belarus
борисенко вероника 2
All collected money
14 700 EUR
Total collected
14 700 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

exstrophy of bladder

Bladder exstrophy (EK-stroh-fee) is a rare birth defect in which the bladder develops outside the fetus. The exposed bladder can’t store urine or function normally, resulting in urine leakage (incontinence).

Problems caused by bladder exstrophy vary in severity. They can include defects in the bladder, genitals and pelvic bones, as well as defects in the intestines and reproductive organs.

The purpose of the collection

operation (centre for urogenital and reconstructive surgery, Belgrade, Serbia)

History of the child

Veranika Borisenko is a very joyful and smiling child. But now the girl has to struggle for her health. Veranika’s diagnosis is bladder exstrophy.

Most children with bladder exstrophy are otherwise healthy, but they do sometimes require more than one surgery to repair the abnormalities in their anatomy. One of the earliest methods of treatment is to reconstruct the bladder and place it back inside the body.

«Hospitals, doctors – we tried to do everything possible to help our daughter. And finally we have found a clinic in Serbia. Only with the help of kindhearted people and Unihelp the amount of money needed for the surgery (14,700 €) will be possible to collect. Please, give us a chance for a full life! »  —Anastasia, Veranika’s mother shares.

One of the best specialists, Dr. Rados Đinović, a practitioner in Belgrade (Serbia), can help Veranika. However, the cost of the operation is too high for an ordinary belarusian family  – 14,700 EUR.

Only with our joint efforts Veranika can get a chance for a healthy life.

Let’s help Veranika Borisenko!

Collecting is closed (27.08.2020).