Veranika Kazyra

23.01.2019, Gomel
All collected money
200 000 EUR
Total collected
200 000 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

short bowel syndrome (SBS)

Short bowel syndrome (SBS) is a malabsorptive condition most often caused by massive resection of the small intestine. Clinical disease is only weakly correlated with the amount of intestine that is resected because of the highly variable length of the human small bowel and the remarkable ability of the bowel to compensate for bowel resection. Therefore, the best definition of SBS is based upon intestinal dysfunction, ie, the presence of significant malabsorption of both macronutrients and micronutrients. SBS is the most common cause of intestinal failure, a term that describes the state when an individual’s gastrointestinal function is inadequate to maintain his or her nutrient and hydration status without intravenous or enteral supplementation. Other causes of intestinal failure include diseases or congenital defects that cause severe malabsorption, bowel obstruction, and dysmotility (eg, pseudo-obstruction).

The purpose of the collection

treatment in the clinic in Mannheim, Germany

History of the child

Veranika Kazyra is the first and long-awaited child in the family. All was good during the pregnancy, but on the last planned ultrasonography doctors made a much-feared diagnosis: diaphragmatic hernia. Veranika was born on January 23, 2019  on the term in 39 weeks. But the girl was taken away in resuscitation at once.

Veranika was very ill, special medicines forced  Veronika’s heart to fight. And on January 25 was performed the first operation . All passed well, but … it  took place a necrosis. As result —a new diagnosis: short bowel syndrome (SBS).

«The specific therapeutic procedures and interventions for individuals with a short bowel syndrome will vary, depending upon numerous factors including the specific symptoms present, the site and extent of the affected portion of the small intestine, whether the colon is involved, an individual’s age and overall health, tolerance of certain medications or procedures, personal preference and other factors .»  —Hanna, Veronica’s mother shares.

Treatment options that may be used to treat individuals with short bowel syndrome are complex and varied. The specific treatment plan may be highly individualized and can include total parenteral nutrition, enteral feeding, dietary adjustments, oral rehydration solutions, certain medications and surgery.

And the main goal of all this techniques is to reduce the need of parenteral nutrition and to eliminate parenteral nutrition. And this opportunity Veranika can recive in the German clinic in Mannheim. Specialists are ready to carry out the necessary treatment and select the therapy. However, the price of this opportunity is 200.000 EUR. It ‘s very much money for Kazyr ‘s family…

Only together we can give a chance for Veronika’s childhood of full value in the family circle!


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