Victoria Kotikova

10.11.2015, Belarus
котикова вика
All collected money
29 544 USD
Total collected
29 544 USD

Diagnosis of the child

contracture of elbow join

A chronic loss of elbow joint motion due to structural changes in muscle, tendons, ligaments, or skin that prevent normal movement of the joints of the elbow. 

The purpose of the collection

2 operations

History of the child

Victoria was born on the term of 36-37 weeks and her weight was 2190 kg.  After the birth the girl was 9 days in intensive care, and doctors in the hospital made the diagnosis: contracture of elbow join.

Victoria’s arms practically doesn’t develop, they became much shorter, and are bent in the elbows. Despite of problems with her health Victoria is very sociable girl. She likes to view books with pictures and to watch animated films.

«  After the consultation in Israel (August 2018) doctors said that they can help and sustain 2 operations: Z-plasticity and second operation consists in removal of a spatial frame of Taylor. 29 544 USD for 2 operations and accommodation within a month — it is impossible. The cost of the operations is for our family too much. We have a large family, Victoria is the youngest, we also bring up two children at the age of 15 and 11 years», —Inna, Victoria’s mother shares.

Parents want that their daughter could play in a sandbox with other children and ride a bike. Let’s help Vika all together!

Collecting is closed (02.04.2019).