Yaroslav Shhelkunov

14.05.2013, Belarus
Ярослав Щелкунов
All collected money
1 175 USD
Total collected
1 175 USD

Diagnosis of the child

cerebral palsy

Yaroslav has cerebral palsy. Five-year-old boy can only hold his head up and roll over.

The purpose of the collection

a wheelchair

History of the child

On May 14 Yaroslav has a birthday, and the only present he dreams of is a wheelchair. The child has cerebral palsy. Right after the birth Yaroslav had a brain hemorrhage, but doctors didn’t notice it. Only 20 days later when the boy had seizures, the problem came out. In search of help parents have visited Belarusian rehabilitation centers, but it hasn’t brought any results.

“My five-year-old son can hold his head up and roll over. He understands everything, but cannot speak”.

Yaroslav cannot walk either. His mother used to hold him in her arms, but Yaroslav has become too heavy. The only thing that can make the life of the family better is a wheelchair, that costs 1 175 USD.

Let’s present Yaroslav with a wheelchair!