Yegor Semenkov

15.07.2013, Bobruisk (Belarus)
All collected money
813 USD
Total collected
813 USD

Diagnosis of the child

infantile cerebral paralysis

Infantile cerebral paralysis is a disease of the central nervous system in which one or more brain lesions occur, resulting in non-progressive disorders of motor and muscle activity, coordination of movements, visual, hearing, speech and psychic functions.

The purpose of the collection

purchase of a wheelchair

History of the child

Egorka was discharged on the eighth day, but after two days the parents began to notice the baby’s shifty eyes and straining body. The attending physician explained this by the fact that the child just concentrated his attention. A month later, the attacks began to increase. And in two months Yegor got into intensive care unit, from where he was transferred to Mother and Child National Scientific and Practical Centre. After all necessary tests are made, the baby was prescribed anticonvulsants, but the attacks have not stopped.

“Mother and Child has become a new home for me and my baby. At the age of one year the medical rehabilitation expert board assigned us SUZ-4 category. Diagnosis: infantile cerebral paralysis, grade 3 spastic tetraparesis, with marked motor impairment, delay in psychoverbal development. Symptomatic epilepsy in the form of frequent daily tonic seizures.”

When Egor was 2.2 years old, they managed to stop the attacks. During the next hospitalization, the attending physician finally permitted to conduct rehabilitation. It also became possible to go outside. But Egor has outgrown the ordinary stroller and now it is uncomfortable to lie in it.

“Despite the fact that we are trying to cope with our misfortune on our own, we are not able to collect such a sum for the purchase of a wheelchair for our child. All our money are being spent on expensive drugs, many of which we have to buy abroad. In addition, constant laboratory studies and consultations with highly qualified specialists are required. We ask you to help us raise money for buying a wheelchair for our child.”