Milana Romanova

26.11.2016, Mogilev
милана романова
All collected money
11 507 EUR
Total collected
11 507 EUR

Diagnosis of the child

cerebral palsy, paroxysmal hypertension

Cerebral palsy (CP) is defined as any nonprogressive motor deficits resulting from cerebral abnormalities that occur in the prenatal or perinatal period.

Paroxysmal hypertension is episodic and volatile high blood pressure, which may be due to stress of any sort, or from a pheochromocytoma, a type of tumor involving the adrenal medulla.

The purpose of the collection

checkup and treatment at the clinic in Rostock, Germany

History of the child

Milana Romanova is the second child of twins. The baby has various diagnoses : cerebral palsy, spastic paraparesis, developmental delay, convulsive syndrome with the generalized attacks….. Milana together with parents takes courses of treatment and rehabilitation. Doctors note the positive dynamics: Milana smiles, laughs, learned to pronounce simple words, crawls and tries to walk with the support.

Milana has also a secondary arterial hypertension, the treatment of which is complicated by the presence of diagnoses (cerebral palsy, spastic paraparesis, developmental delay). At the moment it is very difficult for our doctors in Belarus to choose the effective treatment due to such a variety of diagnoses.

Doctors at the German university clinic in Rostock are ready to carry out  examinations and, if necessary, to prescribe the necessary treatment. But the sum of 11 507 EUR is too big for the Milana’s family.

“Our daughter always wakes up with a smile. There is a whole gamma of feelings in her eyes. Milans likes  playing with toyes and watching cartoons. She is a very cheerful child. Please, help us !” — Ludmila, Milana’s mother says.

Milana and her family don’t lose hope. Don ‘t stay indifferent!


Collecting is closed (06.11.2019).

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A huge "thank" say Milana Ramanava and her mother!!! 

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