Sofia Titova

03.04.2020, Vitebsk
титова софия
All collected money
8 993 USD
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8 993 USD

Diagnosis of the child

synostosis, plagiocephalism


Plagiocephalism is a deformity of the skull in which one side is more developed in the front, and the other more developed in the rear.

Synostosis is fusion of two bones. It can be normal in puberty, fusion of the epiphyseal plate to become the epiphyseal line, or abnormal. When synostosis is abnormal it is a type of dysostosis.

The purpose of the collection

reparative cranioplasty in Moscow

History of the child

Sofia Titiva is a wonderful baby. She is only 3.5 months old. This is a story about an everyday struggle and the ability not to give up.

From the birth Sofia has a very serious diagnosis: synostosis of the coronary suture, asymmetry of the frontal bones, plagiocephaly

In this case is provided only surgical treatment and it consists in reconstructive cranioplasty. The ideal age for surgery is 6 months. After surgical intervention, the child will have neither functional nor aesthetic disorders. But Sofia’s parents do not have much time left.

The price of reconstructive cranioplasty is 8 672  USD. For family is impossible to collect the necessary sum.

«There is no time to think … Our girl must have a chance to live a full life. Please help us! », — Sofia’s mother shares.

Only together we can help Sofia!

Collecting is closed (31.07.2020).

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