Pauliuchenka Maryana had an operation in Japan.

Maryana came out of sedation. She recognizes everyone, remembers everything, moves her arms and legs. The doctor is satisfied with the results of the operation. After the operation, the girl went to CT scan, and the doctor showed the result of the operation.

The girl is still a little sluggish, but she feels well. Her tests are normal, there are no side effects at the moment, and most importantly, there are no more attacks. The girl tries to walk slowly and she is doing great. The MRI procedure will be carried out soon and it will be possible to see the result of the operation from the inside.

Thanks to common efforts and constant support did the girl find a chance for a healthy and happy life without daily attacks that torment and exhaust her from the first year of her life. There is still a long course of rehabilitation and drug therapy ahead, but Mariana’s family is confident that together they will cope!

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