Introduction of the Tomatis® rehabilitation system on the basis of national rehabilitation centres

Unihelp is committed to supporting medical institutions in Belarus: in 2018 we continued to equip rehabilitation centres with Tomatis® devices (to be used in the development of motor, emotional and cognitive abilities). This method can be used to solve a variety of problems: psychomotor disorders, disorders of speech and psycho-speech development, attention disorders, pervasive developmental disorders, learning problems, difficulties of social adaptation, etc.

Today, with the assistance of Unihelp, Tomatis® machines are provided for:

  • Minsk City Center for Medical Rehabilitation of Children with Neuropsychiatric Diseases (Minsk)
  • National Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (Minsk)
  • Tonus Brest Regional Medical Rehabilitation Center for Children with Neuropsychiatric Diseases (Brest)
  • Grodno Regional Center for Medical Rehabilitation of Disabled and Sick Children of the Psychoneurological Profile
  • Gomel Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation (Gomel)

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