Meet us, Warnemünde!
International charity organization UNIHELP has recently opened an office in Warnemünde. In Mühlenstrasse 12 a small team of the international relief organisation works on the guaranteeing the access to the qualitative medical care to the seriously ill children and for giving them a healthy life. Mrs. Maria Pistor reports about our relief organisation in her article for the newspaper “Norddeutsche Neuste Nachrichten”: / 2Uflmub.

Within the scope of the help programme „Hand in hand“ which started in 2013 support and help was performed for more than 487 children. Many children got a qualitative medical treatment in the German medical centres. Extend thanks to German heart centre Berlin, university medical centre Carl Gustav Carus etc.

The results of our work motivate us to achieve more goals and to implement different social projects. If you also want to cause tallness with small actions, take part! You could donate your time, money or knowledge – all this counts. Would you like to take part in the charitable actions and events, donations?We can discuss y all questions together!

What do you still wait for?

Address: Mühlenstrasse 12, 18119 Warnemünde.

Telephon: 49 381-25 50 76 43


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