Nadia Akhremchik receives the necessary proton radiation therapy in Germany

Now Nadia Akhremchik is in the University Hospital Dresden, where there is an opportunity to receive the necessary proton radiation therapy and undergo the remaining courses of chemotherapy. That is why it is so vital for her to be there now.

The girl has already begun to receive proton radiation therapy, which will last for 5 weeks. 2 chemotherapy blocks have already been passed.

“Doctors are very attentive, trying to pay attention to all problems that arise because of very difficult treatment. We also received an orthopedic consultation, it was said that the hematoma is absorbed by itself and the healing process is going on well,” says Nadia’s mother, Anna.


Nadia stays in the hospital only during the period of chemotherapy. As Nadia and her mother live near the clinic, every day Nadia tries to walk the way to the hospital on foot or with the help of crutches. Whenever it’s possible, Nadia and her mother try to spend free time in the fresh in the park.

Nadia says hello and thanks to everyone. Thanks for your support, help, kind words and prays !!!

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