Pre-roll about UNIHELP

Due to the support of the company MEDIA CONTACT since 25.07.2019 the audience will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the international charity organization UNIHELP. Till the end of the summer it will be possible to see a pre-roll about UNIHELP: about our mission, support, and projects, etc. (“The adventures of Remy”, cinemas of the Republic of Belarus).

On 25.07.2019, 19:30 the premiere of the movie”The adventures of Remy” and pre-roll about UNIHELP will be shown at the cinema “Belarus”.

About the film “The adventures of Remy”: Remy is found abandoned as a baby in Paris by Barberin, a stonemason whose wife welcomes the little boy lovingly. But when Remy is only eight years old, Barberin sells him to Vitalis, a traveling singer. Vitalis becomes Remy’s guide, teaching him to survive by playing the harp in market squares. He performs in villages and towns throughout France with Joli-Cœur, a monkey, and three friendly dogs named Capi, Zerbino, and Dolce.

This summer our partner is the company MEDIA CONTACT, which works in the sphere of distribution (various TV channels, broadcast TV within the territory of Belarus and without) .

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